Tips and Tricks to Improve Performance of iOS 7

iOS 7 has performance issues right from the launch. There are several cases reported that it runs slow on older devices. It responds late, animations lag and typing takes a longer time. This article contains useful tips and tricks to improve iOS 7 performance.

Troubleshooting Steps

· Refresh Settings and Disable Parallax
· Use a separate Inbox for Important and unread mails
· Save Battery Power and find things faster
· Disable Control Center Access
· Disable Automatic Updates
· Reduce the Motion of UI
· Enable Do Not Track for Safari

Refresh Settings and Disable Parallax

Refresh the settings if you’re experiencing slow performance while typing. Here is how to refresh settings:

1. Go to Settings | iClouds.
2. Tap Documents and Data.
3. Toggle switch from OFF to ON.
4. Toggle Switch back to OFF.

If you are using iOS 7 on iPad, it would be distracting as the Parallax mode is enabled by default. Disable Parallax mode as instructed below:

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select General | Accessibility.
3. Tap Reduce Motion | Turn ON.

Use a Separate Inbox for Important and Unread Mails

One of the most interesting things about iOS 7 Mail is that you can add someone to the list of VIPs. If you are having difficulties dealing with your mails, use a separate inbox for all unread and VIP mails.

1. Find an email which you would like to move to the list of VIPs.
2. Tap Add to VIP option.

Save Battery Power and Find things Faster

Battery is drained significantly when you run iOS 7 on 3G devices. Disable app background refresh feature. Follow these steps to disable background apps.

1. Tap Settings } General.
2. Tap Background App Refresh.
3. Toggle its settings to OFF.

In iOS 7 you have to find apps, emails, phone numbers and text messages right on home screen. To do so, follow these steps.

1. Open Settings.
2. Go to General.
3. In General select Spotlight Search and check the relevant boxes that you want to search from home screen.

Disable Control Center Access

There is new Control Center access feature in iOS 7 through which you can access things faster. You need to turn OFF control center in apps. Follow the procedure given below to disable control center access in apps.

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select Control Center.
3. Toggle Access within Apps OFF.

Disable Automatic Updates

The new feature in iOS 7 called the ‘automatic app updates’ is running in background with the help of iTunes. This is an interesting feature but it causes performance issues. Disable automatic updates through the steps given below:

1. Go to Settings and tap iTunes and App Store.
2. Toggle the Updates settings.
3. Set Automatic Downloads to OFF.

Reduce the Motion of UI

Reducing the motion will help speeding-up app opening. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Tap Settings | General.
2. Tap Accessibility and reduce Motion.

Enable Do Not Track for Safari

Do not track is another handy tip to keep your Safari running fine. Follow the instructions given below to enable do not track:

1. Open Settings.
2. Tap Safari.
3. Now Enable Do Not Track for Safari.