Make Yourself A Better Person With These Self Improvement Apps

If you visit the Google Play Store and notice closely, you can find there is pretty much a mobile app for almost every aspect of your lives. In today’s tech-savvy era, with the latest technological innovations in every now and then, a handful of mobile app solutions are popping up to cater us optimising our productivity, building healthier habits, setting and tracking goals etc. Such self-improvement apps would not only make your lifestyle much easier but would also help you to become a smarter, happier and a stronger person, who can lead the life successfully.

Many app development companies are paying the utmost attention to build such mobile apps having creative and unique concepts that would help to make people’s lifestyle easier. Here is a list of a few effective self-improvement apps.

#1 7 Minute Workout
To lead a successful life, keeping yourself fit and healthy is very important and to do that successfully, you need to make an impressive habit of the daily workout. As the name suggests, this application would give you short and quick yet effective workout sessions that would help you to stay healthy and in good shape. Today, everyone has a busy schedule. Hence, this app doesn’t take too much time!

HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) is the main focus of this application. It not only helps to lose weight but also helps to keep track of total calorie count that you are losing by work out. You can get this useful app for free. However, ads and in-app purchases options are there as well.

#2 Brightnest
Took resolution of keeping your home cleaner and greener? Need to chalk out a plan to save money on the household expenses? Well, start using Brightnest to give a better and focused start keeping your resolution. This application would help you to schedule your tasks in an organised way. Moreover, you would get customised expert tips on different tasks that would cater you to carry out preset goals. Starting from the guidelines for keeping your home clean to managing your personal to-do list – everything is easily manageable using this app.

#3 Elevate
Looking for such an application that would give decent workout to your brain and would keep it active? Elevate is an impressive self-improvement app that helps to enhance your personality in many ways. It caters to sharpen your speaking skills, problem-solving skills, cognitive skills along with many other things. As you complete a certain level, the level of difficulties keeps increasing. Elevate keeps elevating your mind, your brain the more you use this application.

On the Google Play Store, this app is in the group of “Editor’s Choice”. You can get it on your phone for free. However, in-app purchases options are available as well.

#4 Unstuck
At a certain point of time, almost everyone goes through the phase where everything seems falling apart, everything feels so stuck in the life that you can’t possibly see any open door of opportunity! Unstuck would help you to unstuck or get out of such mess. It would not only help you to find necessary solutions to your problems but would cater you to find motivations. You would get expert tips along with proposed solutions to your problems.

So, these were some self-improvement apps that are extremely helpful to make yourself a better person. However, other than all the above-mentioned apps, plenty of other applications are available in the marketplace that would help you to learn new languages, help you to meditate, help you to manage your to-do list, help you to grow good habits and many more.

IOS 8 Makes iPhone and iPad App Development Painless

According to developers, iPhone and iPad app development will become a breeze with the newly launched mobile operating system. Apple’s new OS comes loaded with some amazing features and new capabilities that will help provide an impressive application development experience.

In this article we will look at some of the most important features of the new OS that helps to make the app development experience truly amazing for the developers.

An Overview of the Major Developments of iOS 8

The newly rolled out version of the operating system enables developer to integrate some incredibly useful features and capabilities to their app, with the help of 4000 new APIs. These APIs will give apps developer the access to plenty of web tools and application software for creating apps successfully.

If you are someone who hasn’t had a very good experience in developing applications, then the newly launched OS is the best Apple operating platform – that will definitely help you lessen your complains extensively. Let us now look at some of the important developments of new operating system that will help you in creating great mobile applications.

iOS 8 SDK and Xcode 6: By downloading and building a product via the SDK and Xcode 6, any iPhone app development company or individual interested in publishing their app can submit the ones written in Swift directly to the app store.

Enhanced Set of New Capabilities:This operating system brings forth an enhanced set of new APIs and services, in order to help users create new categories and features for their apps. Let us have a look at some of the most important and exciting new capabilities.

Health kit and Home kit

The Health kit lets application developers to add fitness related data into the app and share it to third-party apps. In contrast, Home kit enables users to configure and control connected devices of their home.

App Extensions

You will be able to enhance your app’s functionality as well as content by providing an app extension – that is a code that helps integrate custom functionality inside the context of a task performed by an Apple device user. With the help of extensions you can inject the power of your application in the device as and when required by your targeted users.

Cloud Kit

With the help of the new Cloud Kit framework, you can retrieve your application data in an easy and secure way right from iCloud.

Like the above three capabilities, several services have been included in the latest Apple operating system that help developers in building iPhone and iPad app easily.

Technology Improvements: Game development has been the most important part of Apple’s iPhone app development. In order to provide more incredible and immersive gaming experiences, Apple new OS has introduced high-level frameworks for developing high-end game’s graphics and enhanced audio features.


The new developments introduced with the release of iOS 8 will surely attract a lot of app developers, and will help them to create a great design for the iPhone platform.