8 Business Phone Apps All Smartphone Users Should Have

There are hundreds of thousands of Apps out there and whether you use an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android handset, there are enough business phone apps available that can help improve the running of your business and also help improve your life- I know it sounds funny to say an app can improve your life but I genuinely believe it. I know it to be true because I know how much my clients rely on App recommendations and I know how much I rely on the Apps that are available on my phones (I use all three operating systems mentioned above.)

An Invoicing App- If you are still using paper invoicing, you are wasting time every single day and you are getting paid slower than you would be if you moved to electronic invoicing. With an electronic invoicing app on a smartphone you can generate business invoices immediately on completion of a job or sales order and move onto the next order. You will no longer need to send invoices out at a later date. We’ve seen examples of businesses being able to double the number of sales leads and jobs in a day because of electronic invoicing.

A Productivity App- I have a to-do list project manager on my phone and you should too. It enables me to keep track of what I am up to and what tasks need to be completed in what time frame.

Social Media Platforms- Face to face networking is best but you also need to be constantly touching base with your network online. I have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ apps on my phone and I check them regularly during downtime.

Some games- Sometimes you just need to get away from work and your business phone can also be an entertainment tool. I recommend games but you can also upload videos if you want.

An exercise App- Unfortunately an exercise app won’t do the exercising for you but it does make it easier to track results so that you can make sure that you are on the right track to achieving your results.

A document viewing and editing App- Collaboration is a great benefit of business smartphones. You can view and edit documents from your handset without needing to go back to the office.

A VoIP App- With the prevalence of WiFi networks worldwide, a VoIP app like Skype on smartphones can be a great way to stay in touch with family, friends and business colleagues back home.

A Recording App- Sometimes you may be in a seminar or in a meeting and it may be worthwhile recording the proceedings. A recording app on your smartphone will be a great way to do this.

No matter what operating system you use, there are business phone app options to cover all these categories. Do yourself a favour and update your apps today.